Despite what you heard, yoga isn’t what you think it is…

There’s a lot of myths surrounding the practice of yoga, but here’s what it’s not:

  • A cult-like practice or some sort of demonic ritual.
  • Associated with any particular religion or a religion itself.
  • All about flexibility and fancy postures (asanas).
  • Just about exercise.

Yoga is simply a mental practice during which there is opportunity to work through stress, emotional issues, anxiety or psychological challenges. A consistent yoga practice encourages mindfulness, or creates awareness, which is the basic blueprint for orchestrating a beautiful, happier more meaningful life.

This practice is one every man, woman and child should have access to at their will when they see fit in order to maintain their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We deserve to be cared for, but this must start with ourselves, and yoga is the perfect way to begin that journey.

Let curiosity take control and get to know me a little bit better while exploring what I have to offer.


Yoga takes you to the present moment. The only place where life exists.

Pantanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali