Yoga with Amanda Bazil is all about equipping others with the know-how on harnessing yoga’s healing and restorative powers while creating a more mindful community. Therefore, all levels are welcomed! Browse below to see more of what Yoga with Amanda Bazil has to offer.

Group/ Private sessions

Group/ private sessions are the best way to learn yoga whether you’re looking to do so with friends or are looking to start something new for yourself! Rates for Group/ private sessions stay the same regardless of where you are in South Florida, as I travel to you!

Important side note: Beginning in September, virtual sessions will also be provided. Follow all social media platforms for session updates!

Monthly meditation events

Meditation is paramount to a beautiful yoga practice, and the best thing about it? You can do it whenever and wherever needed. To set the tone for a powerful month, Yoga with Amanda Bazil offers free monthly meditation events. Locations vary by month so be sure to stay up to date!

AfroYoga with Amanda Bazil

Stemming from vinyasa style yoga, a dynamic flow where the breathe connects to movement and strength and stamina come through transitions, AfroYoga is style of yoga I created where a fun fusion of vinyasa and calisthenics meets the latest Afrobeatz jams!

Click here to learn more about the services offered!

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